We are the Robertsons; a husband and wife duo who love people, weddings and capturing the moments created at them. Both sentimental romantics at heart, we value this journey of marriage and the creativity, individualism and passion that goes into making your wedding day special. Though at times people may think we look like chalk and cheese, our different strengths and weaknesses compliment how we love, live and work. We both sing, cook and take photos together, which keeps us pretty happy… and if we can share these experiences with others we have had a perfect day :)


David: If I were an animal I’d be a polar bear or at least that’s what my wife tells me. Maybe it’s because I’m white or maybe it’s because she likes bears? I can’t complain, polar bears are pretty awesome :) I’m the primary shooter at weddings, the front man, the captain while at sea (I like the captain analogy the best as I love the ocean and some people have said I would look good on a yacht). I’ve been shooting for about five years now and I love it even more today than I did when I started :)

Shobana: If I were an animal I’d definitely be a panda. I love pandas, mostly because they are cute especially when they’re babies. I’m the more eccentric side of the duo and have a background in art (mostly oil paintings). Most of my contribution is in the background details, answering emails, accounts and editing at times. I’m David’s side kick on the day and I love the opportunity of being second shooter. I get to capture the candid moments when no one is looking (sneaky sneaky!) :) I’m super excitable and I never get tired of weddings, especially how beautiful brides always look. I could go on but hopefully I will just get to meet you one day!


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Photos thanks to our amazing friend Jonathan Ong!